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She smiled at this before turning herself around to face him and she straddled him. She blushed heavily at how big Natsu felt inside of her and he still held onto her waist while beginning to thrust into her. Natsu and Lucy drenched each other's tongues with their respective saliva. And is it Carla, Charle, Charles, or Charla? After a moment in her daze, she cocked her head up to get a better angle, focusing on the gentle brushing of his lips against hers. First part Juvia Lockser wearing this Image She is like this External her panties on, she is looking at the guy fucking her Second Lucy and Virgo like this External Lucy wearing this Image hairstyle the same also, Virgo like wearing this External Third part Mira in this Image Like this Image One boob covered, the other out Fourth part Minerva wearing this External She is like this Image her head is tilled down a little more she is looking toward the view, coat on, boobs out and panties on.

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