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Spoiler below about The Last: Naruto the Movie

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She comforts her daughter, Himawari, when asked about her father's fate, also refusing to allow Boruto to go with Sasuke and the other Kage in their mission to rescue Naruto, afraid of the possibility that he would get killed by Momoshiki and Kinshiki. And another thing… Why do you thing Sakura encourage Hinata in the first place. As the team continues to move to the other surface of the lake, Shikamaru explains that the genjutsu is a trap set by the enemy to shuts intruders away in a world of memories. In reply, Hinata shyly states that it would be nice for all of the nine rookie ninja to stay together. One novel acted as a way to bridge the gap between some of that continuity. A large Gedo-esque statue attacks the team and Naruto is seen grabbing Hinata and carry her in a bridals way.


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