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Adult Protective Services

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The department shall have immediate access to an adult, whether in a facility or provider setting, who is alleged to be abused, neglected or exploited to determine the accuracy of the report and the necessity of protective services or protective placement, to evaluate the adult's needs and develop a service plan to meet those needs and to provide for the services or placement by or through the department. The department may assess and collect the penalty after notice and an opportunity for hearing, before a hearing officer designated by the department to hear the matter, upon a determination that a person willfully interfered with the department pursuant to this section. Any party may appeal a final decision by the department to the court pursuant to the provisions of Section In ordering nonemergency protective placement, the court shall give consideration to the choice of residence of the adult. The department and its employees are prohibited from: Notice of the petition for the extension of protective services or protective placement shall be made in conformity with Subsection C of this section.

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