Texas is often hot, but not like this: Current forecasts have the temperature in Dallas hitting 109 degrees Tuesday, with highs in triple digits well into next week. Britain, on the other hand, used to have a well-deserved reputation as a cool, rainy island. But as I write, the temperature […]

Still, she questions what measurable outcomes can result from celebrity advocacy. “I saw this week a whole lot of celebrities have been fundraising for family planning-type charities as a response to [the overturning] of Roe vs Wade,” she says. “Yes, that might get some sex education and contraceptives into the […]

He heard from Tesla in June that his car was ready, but he backed out of the purchase, losing the $250 order fee he paid. Simon told CNN Business his feelings changed this spring after Tesla CEO Elon Musk struck a deal to buy Twitter. Musk has since backtracked and […]

Moral outrage can be a healthy part of the American democratic process, motivating people to advocate for their beliefs and hold leaders accountable. The founding of the country, after all, is rooted in rebellion and a list of grievances outlined in the Declaration of Independence. But top leaders are expressing […]