Ways to Apply Stamped Concrete Flooring by Stamped Concrete Vancouver

People love to see variations even for stamped concrete Vancouver https://topconcrete.ca flooring in their home or commercial space. But you have to follow some practical steps to make it happen. Because for any construction, the more you follow the proper way, the better installation you will get.

Steps To Apply Stamped Concrete Flooring

The other name for stampede concrete flooring is imprinted concrete or patterned concrete. The rubber stamp designs are picked up from the mold made from real stone to shape this concrete. These helps imprint the stampede concrete according to the look of the real bricks, stones, tiles, slates, wood planks, etc. In addition, you can overlay them on your previous concrete or imprint them into the newly poured concrete. But you have to do it before it becomes firm. Finally, we can say that stamping is the ornamentation of your new surface of the concrete. The durability of stamped concrete is decades if you can take care of them properly. A report shows that the concrete has a medium-level compressive strength from 3000 to 4000 psi.

Ways Of Laying Stamped Concrete Flooring

The three processes utilized for the stamped concrete have made it unique from other concrete production. First, a base color is added. Secondly, the accent color is added, and finally, the stamping pattern of the concrete is created. Following these three steps, stamped concrete shape and color are matched with the other building materials.

Adding The Base Color

The primary color is the base color of the stampede concrete. Its function is to reflect the stamped concrete color like the natural color of other materials. In addition, you can also apply the color hardener. The two methods you can follow are the

  • Cast-on color
  • Integral color


Through the integral color, the total area of the concrete is colored into the base color. To do this, a mix of color hardener and concrete truck is necessary here. Thus, the coloring is done. The concrete surface is colored into the base color through the cast-on color. You must float the powder into the top part in layers and spread the color hardener into the wet concrete surface.

Adding The Accent Color

The secondary color you will add with the stamped concrete is the accent color. The function of this color is to produce the same texture as the other building materials of the stamped concrete. You can apply for the color release in two different methods:

  • Cast-on color
  • Spray-on color release

The powder color is applied through the cast on color by equally spreading them on the top of the concrete surface before the stamping. On the other hand, through the spray-on color release, the spray of liquid color is done on the bottom part of the stamps of the concrete before stamping.

The Stamping Patterns

The shape of the surface of your stamped concrete is the stamped pattern. It also can reflect the form of the other building materials. When the concrete stamp is poured, the pattern is made at once, imprinting the concrete. Besides, when the color releasing is done, the concrete stamps are kept on your concrete. You have to push the concrete stamps into the concrete. After that, you will have to remove them from the pattern into the stamped concrete.

The Step-by-Step Process for Laying Stamped Concrete Flooring

If you want to have the desired result, you have to follow each step with sincerity to lay the stamped concrete in a short time. Thus, you can get an excellent result if you set the concrete correctly. The necessary steps are:

  • To cast the concrete by pouring the design mix in the place you want
  • You will have to give time to evaporate the bleed water from the concrete surface
  • To make the concrete even and keep the density according to your requirement
  • Utilize the hand to spread out the color hardener on the surface
  • Again, use the hand to complete the concrete float on the new concrete surface to get an even surface
  • Keep ready the color release for receiving the stamping tools, which will create a pattern in the concrete surface
  • To keep the stamping tools serially to align them for an equal pattern
  • You have to apply the weight evenly on the stamping tools and utilize a textured wheel on areas that will need to do even.
  • Give a time of 24 hours to cure properly.
  • Keep your eyes on the expansion so that you can take instant steps to avoid cracks.
  • When the curing time is over, clean any kinds of dirt from the surface and remove any residues
  • Finally, seal the concrete properly.

The stampede concrete application process will only achieve your desired result when you maintain something correctly. Things like:

  • Preparing the sub-grade
  • To maintain the joint cut specifically
  • Mixing the concrete in the right amount and proper application in layer

Do You Know Where You Can Apply the Stamped Concrete Flooring?

There are certain places you may apply the stamped concrete flooring. Before planning to use them, you should have some ideas. Which will help you a lot in the future. Some of you have heard earlier, perhaps. Now let us tell you about all of the places:

  • Exterior patio
  • Driveway
  • Pool deck
  • Seat walls
  • Walkways
  • Indoor and outdoor commercial areas
  • Pathways

Now you know you can apply the stamped concrete flooring anywhere and anytime.

Closing Remarks

It is okay that you will want to install the stamped concrete Vancouver on your own. But you will have to think about the outcome too. Concretes will give you years of durability when you properly install them from the beginning till the end. The finishing you will have to do with using the concrete sealer. All of these you alone can’t handle, perhaps. So, you should consult with your contractors to get the best outcome for your concrete!


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